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I've now uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel showing a lot of the features of the Diamond Tool Holder, including some that may be new even to experienced users of the tools.



The Eccentric Engineering facebook page is now up and going.

As well as featuring new products and custom jobs that I'm currently working on, the page will also feature a lot of the more bizzare archive stuff that I've built over the years for customers and myself. 

I will also be adding quick workshop tips from time to time and anything else I feel would be of interest to followers.

If you like the page please follow or share, cheers.


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Eccentric Engineering Facebook page





Two new items have been added to the website shop.

Stainless steel angle templates for the Acute Tool Sharpening System.

There are 11 templates in the full set and the degrees are etched on each one.
     1° + 6°
     2° + 7°
     3° + 8°
     4° + 9°
       5° + 10°
     15° + 30°
0°/90° + 45°
29° ACME Thread.
55° BSW Thread.
60° V Form Thread.
15° + 35° Endmill Gashing Template. 

Angle Templates x 11

The templates are supplied straight from the laser cutter so may have some sharp edges and burrs to remove, the width is slightly oversize (about 0.1mm) and will need finishing to size with a file or a light cut on the mill. 

Grinding Jig for sharpening HSS parting blades.

The jig is designed to be used with the Acute Tool Sharpener but it can also be used seperately on a bench grinder tool rest. It can sharpen both "T" type (Empire) and Bevel type (Eclipse) blades from the smallest up to 3/16" wide and 1" tall.
The jig has a built in angle of 4° suitable for zero rake tool holders but the front clearance angle can also be adjusted for tool holders with a positive rake.

Parting Blade Sharpening Jig


Click here to go to the shop page for more details.

 I've added another video regarding the Acute Tool Sharpener to YouTube. This one details how to sharpen the primary, secondary, and gashing angles on a two flute end mill.



I have just completed and uploaded to YouTube the first two videos regarding building the Acute Tool Sharpener.

Building the system will consist of five or six youtube videos and these will form the basis of the DVD that will come with the kits and drawings.
I have incorporated additional information such as machine setups, alternative options and hints and tips in the form of onscreen subtitles to help inexperienced machinists.

Video #1 details how to machine and assemble the parts kit for the Table and is just over 30 minutes in length.
Video #2 details how to machine and assemble the parts kit for the Work Arm. This video has had to be done in two sections due to its length (45 minutes for part 1). I am currently filming part 2 and hope to upload that later this week.

Unfortunately the videoing has taken far longer than expected due to my workload over the past 12 months. My apologies to customers that have been waiting all this time for the DVD. 







UK Customers

Please be aware that the postal address for our UK distributor has now changed to 
15 Carrwood Gardens
Galgate, LA2 0PB


6mm and 10mm square broached inserts for the Acute Tool Sharpening System are now available on the website shop.
4mm and 8mm coming soon.


Here's a video of the Acute Sharpener.
It explains the major components, how the system works and a demonstration of it being used to sharpen a lathe tool and a two flute end mill. 




Grinding Platform jpg




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