Ornamental turning and curiosities

     50mm brass sphere, with a free floating spiked cube inside         machined from solid 50mm bar, no cutting or soldering used                 alt     alt
  50mm brass sphere containing a free floating       Baby Cockatoo - Made for the same workmate,   
  spiked cube, turned from solid bar no cutting       constructed from old spare parts off the machines 
  or soldering/brazing was used.  Aluminium            we maintained
  stand cut with a boring head and dividing
  head on the mill.
  Made for a retiring workmate.

           alt                     alt   
     Silver necklace - investment          Silver, Ebony, and bone
     cast from a wax master, cut          pendant.
     on the Myford with the
     eccentric cutting frame


       This is my 1947 Myford ML7 that has been heavily modified for Ornamental Turning. I tend to spend far more time building attachments for it, than producing finished OT pieces.


     spherical sliderest with universal cutting frame mounted     alt     alt     alt    

     alt     OT drilling instrument with flexible drive shaft     Drilling instrument with profile drill fitted

     pattern cut with an eccentric cutting frame     another example of eccentric cutting frame pattern     alt     alt