Drilling, slotting, and graduating attachment


Drilling, slotting, and graduating attachment for the lathe. 


This is an attachment I made for my Myford ML7. It attaches to the cross slide T slots and is used in conjunction with the dividing disc to produce small internal and external keyways and splines, cutting graduations for machine micrometer dials, drilling circles of holes on the periphery, face or any angle in between, and many other tasks.
The actuating lever can be set either side of the attachment for better access on certain jobs, and the whole top section can be quickly removed for a tool change by loosening the two grub screws in the top plate.
A spring loaded detent pin locks the head at 0,45,90 degrees and a cam bolt secures the head at any other angle desired.
There is also a rotating six position stop, useful for the different length lines on a micrometer stop. The drill attachement is driven by a flexible drive shaft.
I'm afraid there are no drawings available, I drew a few preliminary sketches and made it up as I went along.










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