Parts kit


The Acute Tool Sharpening system -

Kit contents.

Drawings -
32 x A4 size pages of metric fully dimensioned drawings, exploded assembly views, and a tools list in a convenient binder for easy reference.

(you can opt to buy the drawings first and we will discount their cost if you decide to purchase the kit at a later date.)

Worktable -
4mm x 150mm x 150mm mild steel plate. The s
urface has undergone a Tufftriding® (ferritic nitrocarburising) surface treatment for increased lubricity and wear resistance.

Laser cut Parts -
29 x mild steel components, slotted and spot drilled using jigs for easy finishing.

Table brackets -
Four x 3mm mild steel brackets, pre bent and drilled ready for final finishing.

Indexable Machine handles -
7 off (3 x large and 4 x small).

Fixings and Fasteners –
CNC cut custom screws, grub screws, custom adjustment screws, “O”rings, washers, nylon clamping plug material, 4 x hex keys.

Materials -
Square and round section bright mild steel, aluminium,and Acetal bushing material.

Angle adjustment template -
 Laser cut, blackened, and pre stamped

CNC machined inserts -

Four x blank tool inserts (2 x square, 2 x round) blackened and ready for finishing to suit.

DVD Manual -
 Building instructions and operating manual.